In my previous post I talked about running a one-day ad on Bookbub on Father’s Day, June 15th for, Hollywood Assassin, the lead-in to my Hollywood Alphabet Series Thrillers. The one day total for the free book was 34,925 downloads, with 368 sales that day for the other two books in the series, Hollywood Blood and Hollywood Crazy.

So, how did the books do in the seven day period following the Bookbub ad? The following results are from June 16th – June 22nd.

Hollywood Assassin – 21,059 (free downloads)

Hollywood Blood & Hollywood Crazy – 1029 (units sold at $.99)

The results of the Bookbub ad continue to show impressive results, both in free downloads and sales. For the month of June, to date, Hollywood Assassin, has had over 50,000 free downloads, with the majority of those units attributable to the Bookbub ad. The number of paid downloads during the above period has more than covered the costs of the Bookbub advertisement.

In summary, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Bookbub again. The exposure and results are well worth the costs of the advertising.

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