Hollywood Jury, the tenth book in the Hollywood Alphabet Series, finds Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner Bernie continuing their assignment in Section One, an elite homicide unit.

Kate’s job quickly becomes more stressful than she could have imagined when a deranged killer begins a murderous spree on college campuses. While Kate pursues the killer, she also works part-time with Hollywood fixer Pearce Landon who believes an innocent man is on death row, facing execution for a crime he didn’t commit. Things become even more complicated when Kate’s new partner begins to unravel, her love life is in shambles, and she learns a truth about her deceased father that no one, including Kate, ever imagined.

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The latest release in the Hollywood Alphabet Series is now available on Amazon…

Thirty years after Kate Sexton’s father was murdered in cold blood his killer is back and he’s coming for her. After the department decides to temporarily assign her to work with the FBI to get her out of harms way, Kate soon learns that things have gone from bad to worse when she’s assigned to help track down, The Artist, one of the most deranged and sadistic serial killers in the history of the agency. As The Artist’s killing cycle approaches, Kate teams with hard-headed FBI agent Joe Dawson who has recently come out of retirement to work the case.

As Kate and Joe track the killer, things take an unexpected turn. The Artist returns to the place where his killing cycle began, at the same time Kate herself is stalked by the deranged mad man who shattered her family by killing her father when she was a little girl.

Packed with fast-paced action, loads of laugh-out-loud humor, a crazy cast of new and returning characters, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, Hollywood Enemy is a not to be missed thrill ride.

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Hollywood Assassin launched just over a week ago and has hundreds of downloads. It’s now #27 on Kindle mysteries under the female sleuths category. This book is free, so tell your friends!

The second book in the series, Hollywood Blood, should launch soon, with Hollywood Crazy to follow.

Look for contests with lots of free stuff to begin soon!

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“Welcome to Hollywood, Baby,”  Jennifer Lopez, American Idol

             What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…why? The answer is, because it doesn’t happen in Hollywood!

So, you might ask, what happens in Hollywood?

As luck or providence or fate would have it, you’re about to find out. Thanks to the launch of the Hollywood Alphabet Thriller Series (and you don’t have to be on American Idol to get there).

I could start with telling you about the sex, but I can’t really start there because then you wouldn’t read the books. So let me just start with murder…as in a thirty year old unsolved murder and a prostitute who also becomes a victim of the killer. For more, read the first book in the series, Hollywood Assassin.

Or, I could tell you about a deadly cult called Sisters of the Blood that makes a guy named Charlie Manson look like a choir boy. I could also mention that the leader of this cult is a female serial killer who wields her well-endowed body like a deadly weapon. Want more? You can read all the gory details in, Hollywood Blood.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking—where’s the sex? So, let’s go back to sex and talk about the murder of a high profile couple in bed on their wedding night. Was it suicide or a murder made to look like suicide, or something far stranger and more sinister? The answers are all in, Hollywood Crazy.

I could go on and on…and talk more about sex, like sex in a famous chateau in the middle of Hollywood, public sex, and maybe even throw in a little bondage and…

Okay, I’d better stop.

All I can tell you is that the Hollywood Alphabet Thrillers let you know that what happens in Hollywood definitely doesn’t stay in Hollywood. It ends up for your enjoyment and entertainment in all its hilarious, demented, strange, and sexy glory.

So, hang on, strap in (or on), grab something (or someone), scream (tell your friends), and get ready for a laugh out loud thrill ride. You’re in for the inside story about Hollywood, cops, sex, love, and murder. As Jennifer would say, “Welcome to Hollywood, baby.”

Oh, and one other thing. There’s a cast of characters that makes a zombie apocalypse look like a walk in the park!


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