On June 15th, Father’s Day, I used Bookbub Advertising for, Hollywood Assassin. I also reduced my other two books in the series, Hollywood Blood and Hollywood Crazy to .99 each for the weekend, hoping to boost sales for those two books.

As background, Hollywood Assassin, was released on March 15th, 2014, as a permafree lead-in to my Hollywood Alphabet Series Thrillers. The book had great success early on with some daily download totals exceeding 1,000 units per day (nearly 3,000 on the best day). In mid-May, however, downloads began to slump to 100 – 150 units per day. My strategy in advertising the permafree book was to introduce new readers to the series. I also wanted to use the increase in downloads for the first book to boost sales and reviews for the next two books in the series.

Since March 15th, I’ve had the following free downloads for, Hollywood Assassin.

March – 1,413

April – 13,746

May – 16,371

June 1 –14 –2,026

June 15 (day of promotion) – 34,925

Note: These results are for Amazon only and do not include free downloads to other retailers via Smashwords.

As you can see, the one day total for, Hollywood Assassin, is amazing, exceeding the entire number of downloads since the book was released by just over 1,000 copies. The book zoomed to the #3 rank for all free books in the Kindle Store. The advantages of the promotion don’t stop there. My other two books, Hollywood Blood and Hollywood Crazy, sold a combined 368 units, exceeding the prior day sales total by 326 units. Reviews for all three books also increased. Free download and sales for the day after the promotion also look promising, with free downloads continuing to trend up along with sales.

Results: I paid $310 for the one day free Bookbub promotion under the mystery category. Their website says you can expect an average download of 22,600 copies, so my promotion definitely exceeded expectations. While I haven’t quite recouped the costs of the advertising in paid sales for the other two books (probably because of their reduced price), based upon trends I believe I will cover my costs in the next few of days.

Summary: Based upon my experience, I believe a Bookbub promotion is well worth the costs for three reasons: 1. Increased exposure for a book based upon free downloads; 2. Increased paid sales for other books in a series; 3. Increased reviews based upon exposure.

I’ll do a follow-up blog later this week and provide a snapshot of the ongoing effectiveness of my Bookbub promotion.



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