Hollywood BloodSo, you think you’ve got problems. Meet LAPD cop, Kate Sexton. She’s just been promoted to the department’s elite Robbery Homicide Division, along with her canine partner, Bernie, a first for the homicide unit. But things immediately go downhill when a famous singer’s business manager is s shot and killed during one of Kate’s psychic mother’s séances. While Kate tries to balance her relationship with an ex-cop, things get even crazier when the killer strikes again . . . and again . . . and then targets Kate. As she tracks the killer, things turn even more bizarre when Kate learns that the suspect in the homicides is the leader of a blood thirsty cult of women out for revenge. To make matters worse, Bernie’s sexual wanderlust is out of control, her best friend Natalie wants to become an actress, and Kate’s boss thinks she’s leaking details about the case to the press.

Hollywood Blood is a thrill ride, with even more sex, laughs, and murder than the first book in the series, Homicide Assassin.

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