Hollwood Forbidden LAPD Detective Kate Sexton and her canine partner, Bernie, return in, Hollywood Forbidden, the sixth book in the Hollywood Alphabet Thriller Series.

Catalina Island is only thirty miles from Hollywood as the crow flies. It’s an idyllic place with colorful houses, shops, and a placid harbor full of boats owned by some of Hollywood’s elite. But when Kate takes a leave of absence from her job and arrives on the island she soon realizes that the peaceful retreat has another side. Her friend’s niece, Sissy, and her two best friends are all charged with murder and then kidnapped during the murder of a high profile attorney at the courthouse. All signs point to Sissy and her friends being taken in by a sex trafficking ring. The stakes become even higher when the press learns that a cult is active on the island and the deceased attorney may have been involved in one of Hollywood’s most notorious murder cases known as, The Fallen Angel.

Kate’s best friends Natalie and Mo become involved in the case creating havoc at every turn, while Kate works with Catalina Detective Buck McCade who’s made his way to the island via Laredo, Texas. What follows is a high octane thrill ride as Kate and Buck try to solve a string of murders, save the girls, keep Kate’s friends from meddling in things, and unravel a notorious murder and a secret that has haunted the island for over two decades.

Hollywood Forbidden is a not to be missed thriller that hits all the high notes in a series that continues its laugh-out-loud humor, fast pace, crazy characters, and more twists and turns that a high speed chase down Hollywood Boulevard.

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